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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Feb 23, 2023

Being purposefully curious and inquisitive, Joanna crafts an episode that focuses on exploring the whole notion of learning edge. Join our Host and tune in as she helps us better understand what learning edge truly means for we Introverts, especially the ambitious among us, without reaching burnout. Also, you will learn...

Feb 16, 2023

Introverts, are you ready to face reality square on? Because in this episode, Joanna presents a down-to-earth picture of the challenges that we may well face in the workplace.


We have come to know Joanna as a "Half Glass Full" kind of person, but our Host has realized that, although always seeking the best in other...

Feb 9, 2023

You've probably had the experience of waking up in the middle of the night and having random questions or thoughts in your mind appear out of nowhere. Joanna has experienced this on numerous occasions, and typically when this occurs, it acts as a reminder for her to step into her power and be bold to make a difference.

Feb 2, 2023

Joanna chooses to believe that nobody sets out to create a toxic work environment. The toxicity can start to develop and worsen due to inadequate feedback and consequences. As bullying, ridiculing, and discrimination, can be enough to push an already overstimulated Introvert over the edge, Joanna puts together a...