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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Jun 13, 2024

Show Summary

Interruptions, distractions, unwelcome banter, open-plan offices … do they all sound like a perfect conspiracy against we introverts? It may not truly be a conspiracy but if it feels like one, this episode is for you. 

We introverts struggle with incessant chatter, impromptu meetings that pull us away...

Jun 6, 2024



In this episode, I dive into the rich tapestry of skills and experiences that we accumulate throughout our lives. I share my own journey of nearly four decades in professional development and how it has equipped me to serve clients effectively.


But more than just a recounting of personal growth, this...

May 30, 2024

  • Summary


    In this episode I address a very common habit many of we introverts have - blowing things up out of all proportion - turning molehills into mountains. Catastrophising in our minds.


    Drawing from my own experiences and battles with overthinking, I share insights on how we can tackle hurdles without...

May 22, 2024


In this behind-the-scenes special episode, I am taking you on a tour to a variety of ways I show up for we introverts, as my team and I endevour to reach out to you on every platform possible. 

Important Links mentioned in this episode: 

  1. The Flourishing Introvert Talks (podcast): Released Weekly. 
  2. (dropping)...

May 16, 2024



In this episode, I delve into the metaphorical significance that a personal changing mat might play in lives of we introverts.


Just as babies are laid with care upon a changing mat to be freshened up, we introverts would also benefit from having cleansing moments to be ready for our next adventure. It...