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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Feb 24, 2022

As Joanna is working more and more with introverted managers and leaders, Flourishing Introverts introduces a series of episodes devoted to leadership and management, and how as introverts, we need to approach those everyday responsibilities a little bit differently. Each week your host will explore a topic that challenges introverts, identify the root of any issues, and offer some potential options and solutions.


In this episode, Joanna breaks down an integral but often least liked facet of leadership  -  performance management. Tune in as she identifies problematic performance management styles and shares her subtle yet powerful shifts to change everyone's experience, so performance management is neither dreaded nor avoided.



- What is performance management?

- Is performance management a demotivating experience?

-  How often should we be performing reviews?

- Quick fixes for negative performance management styles

- The unadulterated SMART approach to setting goals 

- Key conversations to include in a performance review



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