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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Jul 6, 2022

As introverts, we already know the importance of purposefully setting aside time to recharge our batteries to avoid Introvert Burnout. And yet at times, the unforeseen happens that takes us off track.


In this short episode, Joanna shares what caught her by surprise recently, that opened the door to uninvited and unwelcome guests in her precious home—her subconscious mind


Listen in as our Host describes her current situation and how she consciously returns back to herself. It is essential for us to know that recharging our emotional batteries is as necessary as recharging our physical batteries.




  • Importance of taking time to recharge our batteries
  • "Sometimes you got to quit."
  • Uninvited and unwelcome guests in Joanna's emotional 'home'
  • How to evict and replace the emotional squatters
  • The balance of emotional and physical batteries when pre-charging and recharging




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