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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Oct 26, 2022

Confidence, assertiveness, and potential which comes first? Is one more important than the other? For Joanna, this triumvirate are all necessary and in symbiosis, yet they run the risk of being aimless. She believes that our goals, aspirations, or intentions are what stops these being aimless.


In this episode, Joanna explores the tricky subject of why goals are so important to unlocking our potential. Listen in as our Host defines the word potential and recognize that exploring our capabilities and capacities is a journey itself and not a destination.


Discover and unlock your potential by tuning in to this episode today!




  • Definition of Potential by
  • "Unlocking our potential is a journey in itself, not a destination."
  • Boyatzis' Model of Intentional Change
  • The importance of setting intentions, ambitions, and goals




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