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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Nov 17, 2022

Joanna was recently invited to contribute to an online magazine piece about Introvert memes. With her strong commitment to eradicating the extraversion bias in business and education, it is an opportunity she definitely wouldn't refuse. Our host was given a list of questions and her answer to the last one is undoubtedly not what the editors or readers were expecting.


In this brief but informative episode, Joanna shares her opinion of Introvert memes and the extent to which they are useful or not. Listen in to hear what the final question is and what she says in response; and discover how these memes on social media contribute to empower us or push us toward victimhood.




  • Introvert memes and the extent to which they are useful or not
  • What is a Natural Introvert?
  • Are Introvert memes empowering or potentially damaging?




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