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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Nov 24, 2022

Over the weekend, an Introverted Influencer presented Joanna with a rundown of circumstances that could stress out an Introvert, yet, with no mention of strategies or tactics to address the stressors. This became the starting point for this episode, continuing Joanna's theme of "Expansion rather than Contraction."


In this episode, Joanna encourages us to refocus our minds on solutions not the problems. Tune in as our Host explores some potential stressors for us Introverts, while sharing options or solutions to help us overcome them. Since we are all built differently, Joanna believes not all the strategies she offers will be effective for us. Nevertheless, she trusts that her thoughts will inspire us to find our own solutions that will.




  • Refocusing our minds on solutions not problems
  • What is stress?
  • Nine (9) common Introvert Stressors and useful ways to reduce their impact on us




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