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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Mar 29, 2023

Joanna has observed a polarizing effect on introverts pursuing personal development. Some people shun the idea because they feel forced to be more extraverted, and others recognize that they have plateaued and are striving to advance without compromising who they truly are.

The important thing is to figure out how to move the needle on your dial. Every one of us has a different route to take, so in this episode, Joanna explores what would move the needle on where we want to be in life. Our host also identifies the most common drivers of change in our lives regardless of our dial or where the needle is. So let us all accept Joanna's invitation to step into our power and join her as she navigates the path of personal development.


  • The polarizing effect on introverts engaging with personal development
  • The most common drivers of change
  • Joanna's invitation to step into your power


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