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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Aug 23, 2023

As you navigate your personal journey to flourishing, how aware are you of the habits that propel you to live a fulfilled life versus the ones that allow you to collude with your sense of not being enough?

In this episode, Joanna looks into habits - focusing on those that are beneficial to your well-being. Tune in as our host explores the true nature of habits, the importance of recognizing the ones that have us in their hold, how to develop new ones, and demonstrates how she uses bravery and being intentional around her personal habits.

Although changing habits takes time, with determination, patience, and persistence, you can transform your life and live a more fulfilled one.


  • What are habits?
  • The importance of recognizing the habits that are no longer serving you
  • How to develop new habits
  • Why changing habits is not an overnight process
  • 9 Strategies for Habit Change


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