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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Apr 4, 2024


In this episode I delve into the complex web of Limiting Beliefs and Gaslighting. 

I explore the intricate relationship of self-imposed constraints that hold us back from reaching our full potential. Drawing from recent episode of Flourishing Voices, my LinkedIn Audio event and my own experiences, I highlight how these limiting beliefs often lurk beneath the surface, subtly undermining our confidence and aspirations. 

In this episode I continue with recognising how external influences can exacerbate this issue through psychological manipulation or gaslighting - leading individuals to question their capabilities and worth.

It is however by making intentional choice to develop a flourishing mindset, we empower ourselves to lead lives unshackled by doubt or fear instilled by others or from within.

Key Points

  • Recognise & challenge limiting beliefs
  • Reject external negativity & gaslighting
  • Embrace self-validation over microaggressions


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