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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Apr 25, 2024


Now, this one is a topic close to my heart: self-kindness.


This episode is me allowing myself to share my personal reflection on the power of adopting intentional practice of self-compassion to lead a more fulfilling existence.


I have committed to not judge myself if today's best is not as good as yesterday's best. As an (open) introvert myself, I understand the challenges we introverts face in honouring our own needs and boundaries. Hence being kinder to ourselves is very important for us.


By challenging limiting beliefs and affirming our worth through positive self-talk and actions aligned with our goals, we as introverts can thrive in serenity and confidence.


Key Points

  • Self-Kindness is the foundation of all kindness
  • Being kind to self is key to healthy and fulfilled life
  • Doing your best is variable and that’s okay