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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

May 30, 2024

  • Summary


    In this episode I address a very common habit many of we introverts have - blowing things up out of all proportion - turning molehills into mountains. Catastrophising in our minds.


    Drawing from my own experiences and battles with overthinking, I share insights on how we can tackle hurdles without letting our inner critic take the wheel. By dissecting a problem-solving approach I call 'I-DEAL', I offer listeners a structured way to face challenges head-on.


    The 'I-DEAL' method has not only helped me navigate professional crossroads but also personal ones, enabling me to thrive as an introvert in extraverted settings.


    It is natural for we introverts to retreat inward as we reflect, which opens the door to us magnifying issues, however there are effective strategies to keep our fears in check. Reflecting on my journey at British Telecom where embracing a challenge led me down an unexpected yet fulfilling path, demonstrates the power of confronting self-doubt.


    I also discuss STOP technique and being mindful of stress signals, to maintain balance amidst adversity.


    Key Points:


    • I-DEAL process: Address obstacles pragmatically
    • Overcoming fear using structured problem-solving
    • Use STOP technique for stress management