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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Oct 12, 2022

Running masterclasses on "Authentic Assertiveness" recently, reminded Joanna of how frustrating it can be to be overlooked and undervalued in the workplace. This simple reminder nudged Joanna to keep the topic of assertiveness on the agenda.


As Introverts, we often fall into behaving too passively when it comes to our rights or needs. This can happen as a result of us being expected to compromise our authenticity to fit in. 


So in this episode, join our Host as she goes back to an original definition of the word "Assertiveness" and unpacks the powerful layer of understanding it brings. Tune in as Joanna explains to her listeners what assertiveness is and isn't, and discover her basic approach to it.




  • Definition of what Assertiveness is and isn't
  • The importance of honestly and appropriately expressing your needs, wants, opinions, feelings and beliefs 
  • Joanna's basic approach to assertiveness




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