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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Jun 21, 2023

As Joanna was recently exploring the future of her business with her accountability buddies, she was asked an interesting question: "How does it feel to flourish as an introvert?"

Her business has been operating under the name 'Flourishing Introverts' for a few years now, so she figured that people might be tired of hearing about it. But Joanna realised there is still so much more she can share.

So in this episode, Joanna expands on what 'flourishing' means and in particular what it means to her. Listen in and join her in this fruitful exploration of what it feels like to flourish as an introvert as it may just encourage you to make that choice and begin breathing life into your dreams, intentions, and goals.


  • Defining 'Flourishing'
  • What flourishing means for Joanna
  • What it feels like to flourish as an introvert


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