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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Jun 28, 2023

There are times in life when things don't go to plan and/or we're not at our best. In those times we can feel despondent, listless or even powerless, in other words in the doldrums or the valley rather than at the peak. This is how Joanna has felt for a while and at just the right time, she was asked this brilliant question: "Do you have a process for getting out of the valleys?"

So in this short but insightful episode, Joanna shares her strategies for climbing out of the valleys or the challenging moments because, after all, flourishing is all about celebrating accomplishments as we navigate the peaks and valleys of life.

Listen in as you may also be encouraged to discover your processes to grow and thrive despite life's inevitable ups and downs.


  • Acknowledging and embracing both the high and low points of life
  • Joanna's strategies for overcoming the valleys of life


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