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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Jan 27, 2022

As Joanna is working more and more with introverted managers and leaders, Flourishing Introverts introduces a series of episodes devoted to leadership and management, and how as introverts, we need to approach those everyday responsibilities a little bit differently. Each week your host will explore a topic that challenges introverts, identify the root of any issues, and offer some potential options and solutions.


So starting off the series, in this episode, Joanna dives into the myth that introverts can not make great leaders or managers. Focusing on introverts’ natural skills and talents, she reflects on how they may help and how they may hinder those in management and leadership positions. Since at the end of the day, how we treat the people in our employ makes a world of difference.



- If you can’t manage yourself, you shouldn’t be managing anyone else

- Who is a manager? As opposed to a leader?

- Why not all leaders are managers and not all managers are leaders 

- The three key responsibilities of all managers

- Do introverts make good leaders and managers?

- What to expect from the Introverted Leader Series in the future



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