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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Mar 31, 2022

As Joanna is working more and more with introverted managers and leaders, Flourishing Introverts introduces a series of episodes devoted to leadership and management, and how as introverts, we need to approach those everyday responsibilities a little bit differently. Each week your host will explore a topic that challenges introverts, identify the root of any issues, and offer some potential options and solutions.


One of the things we work on as leaders is the art of elegantly flexing to meet a situation or person with whom we are interacting. And in this episode, Joanna unpacks the need to flex your style as a manager or leader while keeping an eye on your boundaries. Tune in to learn how to flex without going too far, and break the habit of resorting to pretending or colluding with the extraversion bias.



- There is no one size fit all approach to leadership

- Active versus passive listening - is one better than the other?

- Listening to understand, rather than to respond

- How to decide the conversations that truly matter

- “A flex too far is not authentic”



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