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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Dec 8, 2022

Joanna shares her excitement at receiving invitations that will further raise awareness of the extraversion bias in corporate settings. She knows that these as wonderful opportunities that will also enable her fellow Introverts to embrace their Introversion with confidence, pride and joy. But somehow, Joanna seems a little uneasy. Is the ease with which she accepted these invitations an indication that she is playing too small?


In this episode, Joanna explores the idea of "Playing small," the possible root cause and outcome if we let ourselves be consumed by it. Listen in to discover what invitations Joanna received, the antidote that will empower us to overcome the feeling of playing small, and how vulnerability is a great strength rather than a weakness.


Lastly, join our Host as she takes on the challenge of saying yes!




  • What is playing small?
  • The antidote to playing small
  • Seeing "Vulnerability" as a great strength
  • The Spell of Smallness




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