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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Mar 16, 2023

Most Introverts have a think-say-think communication process, which does not always suit today's fast-paced environment where everyone is in a rush, struggling to find time for quality thinking. But what can result from pausing, breathing, and discerning the flow of our thoughts? 

In this episode, Joanna explores how we can make the most out of our preference for thinking - without overthinking, procrastinating, or being stuck in our heads. Listen in as our host explores Nancy Kline's 10 Components of a Thinking Environment to help us build a more diverse, innovative, and collaborative space where the quality of thinking improves; and everyone can benefit. 


  • How to maximize our "think-say-think" communication process
  • Nancy Kline's 10 Components of a Thinking Environment
  • Effects of Immediacy Habit  


Ep. 143 How au fait are you with your real emotions

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