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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Mar 23, 2023

In this episode, Joanna gives us a glimpse of another book on her shelf that served as her source of inspiration, The Four Agreements: The Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz. Tune in as she explores the powerful set of principles written in this book, which speaks to a way of being that enables us to feel happy with a sense of fulfillment as we engage with life.


As an Introvert, you may also aspire to a life of fulfillment filled with meaning and purpose that allows you to meet your need for solitude and peace. Yet, because we are all unique in our ways, what works for one person may not always work for you. Hence, exploring and valuing your uniqueness is essential.



  • The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • How to use the agreements for your growth 
  • Ancient Toltec wisdom




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