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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Apr 19, 2023

With our overstimulated minds, we Introverts are more likely to overthink, hence we sometimes tend to take things quite literally. The feedback from last week's topic about navigating life's ups and downs combined with Joanna's bout of impatience are the catalysts for this episode. This gave her the space to explore the things she can take too literally. 

In this episode as our host goes through some general ideas, sayings, and idioms she realized she had taken too literally in the past to appease her "be strong" and "please others" drivers. Some are helpful, some are not, and some are a mix of both. Joanna hopes that this audit will be as helpful to you as it was to her in realizing the value of having a discerning mind.


 Sayings, idioms, and general ideas Joanna explored - are they really helpful or not?

  • How "waiting" can disrupt your progress
  • Taking responsibility for your growth and development
  • The importance of discernment


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