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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Sep 27, 2023

Using the premise of one of Joanna's favourite childhood books, we explore the land of intentional development to see what lessons we can learn.
Join Joanna as she transports us, childlike, to a land where through adult eyes we see that each structure, landmark and curiosity have something to teach us about intentional development. 
Key Points

1. The Pit of Shame: No need to dwell here as development plans are not just about fixing an inadequacy. They have a positive purpose. 
2. Feedback Fountain: Drink deeply from the well of developmental and motivational feedback in order to understand the impact you're having. 
3. Skill Tree Orchard: Take and consume what you need and when you need it. Don't get greedy now. 
4. Mountains of Motivation: The importance of intrinsic motivation to keep us moving forward without having to rely on others to motivate us. 
5. Bridge of Balance: Creating equilibrium between personal and professional aspirations in order to avoid burnout. 
6. Garden Of Growth: Flourishing isn't just about the destination; it's about enjoying every step along your chosen path throughout the different seasons.

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