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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

May 16, 2024



In this episode, I delve into the metaphorical significance that a personal changing mat might play in lives of we introverts.


Just as babies are laid with care upon a changing mat to be freshened up, we introverts would also benefit from having cleansing moments to be ready for our next adventure. It is about taking note of when it's time to pause so we reflect on the direction in which we're headed versus where we truly want to be going.


Change is necessary for growth and a 'changing mat' moment can signify readiness for transformation. For we introverts, our self-reflection on our metaphorical changing mat gives us an opportunity to wipe-away what no longer serves us and accept positive change aligned with our core values and aspirations.


It does require being vulnerable but there is a promise of a more empowered us by actively choosing who we want to become rather than remaining stuck in who we have been.


Key Points:


  - Changing mat - A symbol of new beginnings.

  - Conduct a 'life audit' for self-awareness

  - Use introspection to initiate change