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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Jun 13, 2024

Show Summary

Interruptions, distractions, unwelcome banter, open-plan offices … do they all sound like a perfect conspiracy against we introverts? It may not truly be a conspiracy but if it feels like one, this episode is for you. 

We introverts struggle with incessant chatter, impromptu meetings that pull us away from our work, and the constant buzz that makes deep concentration seem like a distant dream. In this episode I share my personal struggle with these distractions and explore how they can derail our productivity by forcing us to take over 23 minutes just to refocus.

I also offer practical advice on achieving flow amidst the chaos of an open workspace. The main takeaway is learning how to foster an autotelic personality – one that finds satisfaction in the task itself rather than external rewards. I share strategies that are crucial for we introverts aiming for quiet and productive work day without burning out.

Key Points

  • Overcoming office distractions
  • Achieving flow through intrinsic motivation
  • Strategies for creating focused environments