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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Jun 16, 2021

We’ve all faced a major crossroad at least once in our lives. As stressful as they may be, such crossroads are oftentimes opportunities for us to reflect and reveal the very things that are important to us. So how do we make full use of these opportunities? 

In this episode, Joanna shares the current crossroads she is facing and her thought processes behind unpacking, understanding, and planning for this dilemma. You will also find out what it means to be a thought leader, why thought leadership is so important, and how to cultivate psychological safety in your team as a leader. Joanna also invites you to reflect on your own decision-making processes and share them with us in the Introvert’s Corner Facebook Group (link in the show notes below!). 



  • What is a Thought Leader?  
  • Is there such a thing as true originality? 
  • Understanding situational humility in leadership. 
  • The keys to cultivating psychological safety. 
  • Why is thought leadership so important? 



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