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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Aug 10, 2022

In this episode, Joanna gives a warm welcome to her special guest, Woody Rini. Woody is the author of Help, I'm Overwhelmed: A 4 step method for escaping life's rip currents, which must surely be a book whose time has come, especially for introverts dealing with everyday overwhelm. Woody is an Open, Sociable, and Engaging Introvert, one of the Extraverted-Introvert types using Joanna's questionnaire, and he shares how he is warm, bubbly, friendly,  even though he's always been an introvert. Being open, he shares some of his story that will be recognisable to many listeners - active and engaged in his community, but always been overwhelmed, from high school to college, university, to the workplace.


Tune in to this wonderful episode as Woody shares more of his story including his key to living a peaceful and meaningful life, and notice how quickly he and Joanna get into deep conversation. 


KEY points:


  • The essence of a peaceful and meaningful life
  • Finding your Umbrella Person
  • What it's like for Woody to be an open, sociable and engaging Introvert
  • Ho he pre-charges and recharges his batteries
  • Stages of Overwhelm
  • Woody's pieces of advice for Introverts and for the people who love or care for Introverts




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