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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Feb 23, 2023

Being purposefully curious and inquisitive, Joanna crafts an episode that focuses on exploring the whole notion of learning edge. Join our Host and tune in as she helps us better understand what learning edge truly means for we Introverts, especially the ambitious among us, without reaching burnout. Also, you will learn some guidelines for identifying what your unique learning edge is and how to utilize it to navigate through your competency zone.


Joanna believes in the marginal gain approach to expanding our comfort zones, so slow and steady wins the race to sustainable growth. 




  • What is a learning edge?
  • Identifying your personal comfort zone, competency zone, and learning edge
  • Joanna's favorite strategy for growing and developing in a sustainable way
  • Things we need to live life consciously and develop personally and professionally




Ep. 40 Developing A Growth Mindset


Ep. 140 Why as Introverts, we need to assert ourselves


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