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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Feb 16, 2023

Introverts, are you ready to face reality square on? Because in this episode, Joanna presents a down-to-earth picture of the challenges that we may well face in the workplace.


We have come to know Joanna as a "Half Glass Full" kind of person, but our Host has realized that, although always seeking the best in other people and situations, there are times when it is vital to see the stark reality. 


Listen in and join Joanna as she lays out her top 10 stark realities together with the suggested responses we can enact, so we thrive as our authentic selves.




  • Joanna's Top 10 stark realities that we all have to face in the workplace
  • Practical actions we can do to overcome these challenges
  • How to develop our Emotional Intelligence abilities
  • Benefits of reframing 




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