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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Jan 20, 2022

Many introverts have difficulty finding their own voice, especially when it comes to saying no. From years or even decades of being told to be different, speak up, or push forward, introverts are unlikely to say no, even when they should. And this is especially true in the workplace.


Tune in as Joanna guides you to access your assertiveness through her five simple and actionable techniques. From conditional no’s to using no as a complete sentence, know your rights in the workplace and operate from your authentic self. Remember, kites rise higher against the wind, not with it. 


So what do you need to say no to, or who? 



- Why is saying no so difficult?

- The challenges of traditional business culture

- How to authentically say no 

- Assertive vs aggressive 

- What are your rights in the workplace

- With all rights come responsibilities



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