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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

May 25, 2022

Having faced an unexpected issue, Joanna realised she needed to revisit her boundary setting and maintenance process. Her recent experience informs this episode where she captures her clarified, updated, and refined thoughts about boundaries.


Boundaries, as defined by Joanna, are frameworks that protect us. Like a picket fence, we install, maintain, and defend it when needed. Tune in as our Host talks us through the different aspects that influence our boundary setting, the process of establishing personal boundaries, and the importance of communicating them clearly with others.


Let us learn how to build our own picket fence, look after it to keep it strong and sturdy, and defend it courageously as necessary.




  • Refined boundary setting and maintenance process
  • Five different aspects to boundaries
  • The process for installing, maintaining and defending boundaries 
  • Joanna's sixth boundary—Ethical Boundary
  • The process of personal ethic development
  • Factors involved in shaping our personal ethics




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