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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Oct 5, 2022

Who doesn't love a little bit of magic? Joanna certainly does, and in this episode, she shares the magic she experienced from a wonderful session with an amazing coach who uses the Demartini Method. Joanna's coach truly helped her in shifting an issue she has been experiencing for decades. As you listen, get curious about what issues you need to shift so you get out of your own way.


Listen in as our Host opens up about this matter which she believes may resonate with most of us her fellow Introverts. Discover how she was able to address and sort this certain issue using the Demartini Method, and by finding the "balance" in her life through working with her intuition and gut instincts simultaneously. Lastly, join Joanna in conducting a little experiment over the next 30 days!




  • Brief synopsis of the Demartini Method
  • The difference between the intuitive inner voice and the gut impulse or instinct
  • Being poised, present, and purposeful 




Ep 121 How we talk ourselves out of things


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