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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Feb 2, 2023

Joanna chooses to believe that nobody sets out to create a toxic work environment. The toxicity can start to develop and worsen due to inadequate feedback and consequences. As bullying, ridiculing, and discrimination, can be enough to push an already overstimulated Introvert over the edge, Joanna puts together a survival kit that will help to deal with situations like these flourishingly.

Tune in as our Host shares advice for recognizing and dealing with toxic behaviours and environments in the workplace, and how to maintain one's own well-being in such circumstances. This includes tips for setting boundaries, communicating effectively with difficult coworkers, and prioritizing self-care.



  • Definition of a "Toxic" work environment
  • Aspects a toxic workplace culture lacks
  • What Introverts view as toxic in a workplace
  • Toxic workplaces survival kits for Tentative and Flourishing Introverts




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