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The Flourishing Introvert Talks

Feb 18, 2021

Do you dread performance reviews and feedback sessions? If your answer is yes, then all the more you should listen to this episode! Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end of them, Joanna will help you shift your perspective on feedback into a more positive and motivational one. Learn how to apply language, intention, and structure in your feedback sessions to make them more productive and constructive. Joanna will also reveal the key to stepping away from our hard-hired weakness focus and to understanding the true nature and strength of an introvert. It’s time to remove the fear of feedback conversations - tune in to find out how! 



  • Our hard-wired weakness focus. 
  • How to identify the strengths of an introvert in the workplace. 
  • How to minimize your weaknesses. 
  • Applying Language, Intention, and Structure in feedback. 
  • The importance of shifting your weakness focus. 



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